Woodstock 99 The Best Time of my Teenagehood! Don't Believe HBO's Special

WOODSTOCK 99: Some of the best teenage memories and experience of my life! ✌️
I have to go on a rant today against the new HBO Max special Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, Rage. The documentary depicted the 3-day event as though it was such a horrible event, bias opinions, modern-day liberalist BS agenda inserted everywhere into the movie. The truth is, this event was one of the greatest and most fun rock concert events that have ever attended in my life. The movie tried to make viewers believe that there were no available bathroom facilities, that there was no water available for anybody, that everybody was just so negative and so mean, which is pretty much all untrue. The movie was mainly narrated by two snowflake liberal journalists trying to push their falsely righteous liberal agendas and that were not even present at the event itself! Some of the most annoyingly biased commentaries I've ever heard in a documentary in a long time. Why turn the movie into a sexist, negative, white male privileged, racist, false pretext rant?
The truth is, Woodstock 99 was a great event! Yes it was very hyper-sexualized, there were naked women AND men everywhere. Drug use everywhere. But that was FUN. The musical lineup was mainly aggressive, but these were the biggest and most desirable acts in 1999! It was perfectly fitting with the times. And man, do I miss those musical times. I mean who can even complain about a lineup that consisted of: Korn, The Offspring, Metallica, Megadeth, Limp bizkit, Kid rock, DMX and the Red hot Chili Peppers. And of course the audience would have been mainly been consisted of young males of white ethnicity, we are talking about a rock show in America, what the fck else would you expect as a majority audience?
The concert site had plenty of free running water, yes the portable potties were some of the most disgusting smelling potties I had ever smelled lol but there were thousands of them available at all different locations of the concert grounds. There were over 400,000 people there, what do you expect the potties to smell good for? Yes it was extremely hot in July, but you cannot blame the concert organizers for this.
Overall, Woodstock 99 gave me some of the best childhood memories of my life! We had so much fun and met so many fun people that just came to have a good time and that did not cause ruckus like how the documentary tried to depict everyone.
I am so sick of this fake, so-called complainer liberalist cancel culture agenda that after watching this documentary, it has inspired me to launch a t-shirt called "F🤘CK CANCEL CULTURE". Dropping on www.rockstarcollector.com soon!