The Art of Shipping Guitar Frames Worldwide

We are particularly super proud, and relieved about this entire framing and shipping experience! This really brings Rockstar Collector to a new official era!
We have tried and tested different framing methodologies in the last years. We have had some mistakes and some issues with frames and shipping, where the guitar falls off or the backdrop gets crumbled. So this shipment here was a huge test for us. We have perfected a new guitar framing method, and were successful in shipping it all the way to our client in Australia! What a relief! A $15,000 transaction of signed guitars. All relying on their safe delivery.
The autographed guitars were acquired from California, shipped to our warehouse in Quebec, framed right here in Quebec and then shipped halfway across the world to Australia. That is a lot of transit, for such fragile pieces. Our warehouse has perfected ways of protecting the frames and the glass through shipping. And we always use DHL Express / UPS overnight to minimize the shipping time that the package needs to spend in transit. Shipping a frame of this size to Australia costs over $1,000 per frame, which we assume half of the cost for international clients and the full cost for North American clients. For any business owners, you know that shipping logistics is about 50 to 75% of your daily headaches and worries.
So today, as we see for the first time, that our frames were, successfully, able to make their ways halfway across the world. To the furthest continent possible, it is a reason for celebration for us at Rockstar Collector! Rock on for years to come, with premium guitar frames! 🤘🥂🔥